America’s National Teenager is the longest running premier pageant for teens in the U.S. Founded in 1970, Miss National Teenager has graced the cover of magazines, television and national media as a role model of leadership, scholastic aptitude and service. Combining the elements of glamour, scholarship, style and service, our ANTSO State and National Programs draw on a positive approach to pageantry that implements a scoring system focusing on a “real
girl”. With no swimsuit or mandatory talent competition, ANTSO focuses on YOU, as a typical teen in your daily life, highlighting what makes you special!

Listen in as owner, Jenny Telwar, talks about the value of being an ANTSO teen leader.


We’re so proud of continuous news articles and events that make headlines from current and past title winners and active participants.

Community Activities

  • Boys & Girls Clubs of America Children’s Aid Society
  • NYC and West Chester Bear Fair
  • Luila Village Ministries in the Congo
  • Annual promotional trips
  • News and events that make headlines

The Nationals Experience

Watch videos and see photos of Nationals week.


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