America's National Teenager Scholarship Program

Iyonia Boyce

ANTSO Jr. National Teenager

Iyonia Boyce is your 2017 ANTSO Junior National Teenager 2017. She is a sophomore at Collierville High School in Collierville, TN where she is an active member of the Orchestra program and a member of the Academic Honors Academy. Iyonia also is an accomplished World, International and National competitive cheerleader champion. Iyonia founded a mentoring group that volunteers for a variety of charities and conducts numerous activities to combat bullying. Iyonia has made presentations to more than 5,000 students about how to identify and manage bullying situations, and performs interactive exercises to foster understanding of victims’ feelings. Iyonia is the recipient of the Prudential Spirit of Community Awards, Nationals Civil Rights Keeper of the Dream Award and has been recognized by local and state elected officials for her leadership and community service efforts. Iyonia is excited to spend the next year promoting ANTSO through appearances, speaking engagements and social media as your 2017 ANTSO Junior National Teenager.