America's National Teenager Scholarship Program

Cassandra Hughes

ANTSO Preteen Sweetheart

Although she be but little, she is fierce… perfectly describes your 2017 National Preteen Sweetheart, Cassandra Grace Hughes.   Otherwise known as, Sassy Cassie, this nine year old just loves to perform! Cassie’s hobbies include singing, dancing, crafts, cooking, and baking. As a 4th grade straight A student she is a member of her school’s GEM Program for academically gifted students, chorus, band, and running club.   Cassie loves volunteering and is always willing to roll up her sleeves, and lend a helping hand. She even has her own charity group! When Cassie grows up, she would like to be a pediatric nurse, work at a children’s hospital, and put a smiles on all children’s faces!