America's National Teenager Scholarship Program



Congratulations! It’s your moment to be a star! America’s National Teenager Scholarship Organization offers you the chance to participate in a pageant that combines glamour with goal-driven young women to give you the character-building experience of a lifetime. As a contestant for America’s National Teenager, ANTSO Jr. National Teenager, ANTSO Preteen National Teenager, ANTSO Sweetheart or ANTSO National Miss title, you will be a part of a program that recognizes young women for academic achievement, school and community involvement, communication and leadership skills, and individuality.

What are the benefits of being in America’s National Teenager?

  • Build inner confidence
  • Meet educational goals
  • Create lasting friendships
  • Showcase your talents and abilities
  • Strengthen your character
  • Win great prizes and scholarship money!

What are the age qualifications and competition divisions?

  • To become America’s National PRETEEN you must be at least 9 and under 13 by August 1, 2016.
  • To become America’s National JUNIOR you must be at least 13 and under 16 by August 1, 2016.
  • To become America’s National TEENAGER you must be at least 16 and under 19 by August 1, 2016.
  • To become America’s National MISS you must be at least 19 and under 26 by August 1, 2016.

If I have competed in the Preteen or Junior division, may I return and be in the Senior division?

Yes! Several girls have returned and enjoyed the second time even more.

The Winning Score! Is America’s National Teenager a “beauty pageant?”

At America’s National Teenager, we want to provide girls with a positive enriching experience. It is our goal to build self-confidence and reward young women for their scholastic and community achievements. Our qualified state judging panels will score contestants based on the following criteria:

  • 30% Interview
  • 15% Evening Gown
  • 15% Personal Expression (decorate a pair of blue jeans and model them!)
  • 15% School (academics and school awards/excellence)
  • 15% Activities (leadership, extra-curricular activities and community service)
  • 10% Onstage Question

Our judges will come from throughout the country and will include local celebrities and business people who could impact your career choices.

*There is no talent or swimsuit portion. We focus on what is true from the inside out!

Sparkle and Shine: What do I wear?

After you apply for the program, you will receive specific information on what to wear and how to prepare for the pageant. You will need an evening gown, but we discourage you from buying a new and very expensive dress. There are tons of beautiful dresses available for rent, or you can borrow a dress from a friend.

Remember, America’s National Teenager is all about honoring America’s extraordinary young women for their achievements. We are interested in you, not what you are wearing. Our judges do not judge girls on hair, makeup or clothing and we do not have a swimsuit competition.

Can you write like J.K. Rowling? Got a voice like Carrie Underwood? We want you to display your talents!

America’s National Teenager holds optional competitions – like talent, speech, acting, supermodel and state costume – that is separate from the rest of the pageant and has its own set of judges. Your score in this competition does not affect your overall pageant score. It has no bearing on the other competition categories. It’s just additional ways for you to shine onstage and show your power!